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What's New Two new rubber stamp designs are now available, they are Alchemy Still and Still Monster. They were designed to fit together, as the illustration shows, but the empty tummy and neck of the monster could hold anything your imagination desires. Browse the Tiny Peg Stamps for lots of ideas.


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Victor Thomas Jacoby Award I am one of three recipients of the 2014 Victor Thomas Jacoby Award. With this grant I intend to explore the art of animating to music, as I am doing with my current film project, Boomerang. In this film, the lyrics of the song inform and inspire the drawings, while the rhythm of the music guides the movement.

Victor Thomas Jacoby was a Humboldt County (California) artist whose medium was French tapestry. He was internationally renowned for innovation in his field. When Jacoby passed away in 1997, he left a generous bequest to set up a fund with Humboldt Area Foundation, which would support visual artists and craftspeople, and encourage the exploration of new ideas, materials, techniques, mediums, images, and excellence.

Salmon Deadly Sins

Animation Salmon Deadly Sins is now available to view online, click here for details.

Kinetic Convergences

Brent Eviston and I recently completed a collaboration video project using his conceptual drawings and my animation. It is "a shape shifting animation for meditation". More here.

Tiny Peg Stamps

Tiny Peg Stamps

Over 100 tiny rubber stamps mounted on pegs - keep these popular little gems at arm's reach and you'll find many uses!

Customer Testimonials (more here)

"I received my stamps this past week and I wanted to thank you. They are even more beautiful than I anticipated. I do quite a bit of ordering off the internet and I just wanted to say I was impressed with the package. I actually kept the box you sent the stamps in because I loved the stamps you used on it. Everything from the presentation of a simple box sent in the the mail to the logo of your stamp you put on my receipt. Thank you for taking the time to do the little things you did for presentation. I love your stamps and there are more on my list to get. Your stamps are different, fresh and beautifully done. I search the web looking for something just a bit off beat and different and quite honestly you are the first person I have come across that I consider to be in such a class."

- Sandra in TX, July 2014

Blog Highlight

Yeah that's a dead frog alright. He was completely dried and stiff when I found him on the Salmon River, so I was able to balance him on the stone - just goes to show you that I'll post just about anything on my art blog, as long as I had a hand in creating it. My pre-Tumblr (older) blog posts can still be seen here.