Tree of Life

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Here is a twist on the classic tree of life motif. Everything in this design is symbolic of some part in the cycle of life and death. Precise interpretations can vary according to your belief system. A few details that you can apply to your own beliefs in any way that you wish: there are three figures, all based on the same human model; the three figures are different sizes and appear at different levels but all are connected; one wears socks, one wears boots, one wears nothing; there is a bird feeder that looks somewhat like a boat; there are nine stones among the roots of the tree; there are nine fruits in the tree; there is a snake in the tree; the snake has a rattle. As you go through life in pursuit happiness and riches, watch out for the ones who will hinder your progress. You can usually hear them coming. Honor your ancestors, travel, enjoy and respect nature, and believe what you want to believe about the afterlife.

This is a fine art rubber stamp designed and made by Steven Vander Meer in Humboldt County, California. The die is deeply etched natural red vulcanized rubber, which is hand trimmed and adhered to red sponge cushion (the good kind, not the self-adhesive kind). The cushion is also trimmed by hand and then mounted to a smoothly sanded and oiled Maple block, with a clear black index printed on the top. The MEER IMAGE name is hot iron branded onto the end-grain of the block, and the "SVM" personal signature chop is added to the top of the block in red ink (space permitting).

Mount Type:Maple hardwood block indexed in black and finished with linseed oil. Block Width:3.5 inches Block Length:4.5 inches Block Thickness:3/4 inch Image Size:Approximately 1/4 inch less than block size