Nth Ennead Set

Nth Ennead Set

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On the surface, the Nth Ennead is all about the number nine.  But a lot of other thoughts went into these designs.

Birth, Youth and Mirth in the top row represent early life and learning. In the second row Truth, Myth and Sleuth are about middle age and seeking more from life. Health, Wealth and Death in the bottom row deal with the concerns of later life and dying.
The Nth Ennead helps you think about life and inspires you to think in different ways. While pondering life's questions, look at the images individually, look at them in groups of three, and look at the entire set arranged in three rows of three. There are any number (nth) of possibilities for inspiration.
"Ennead" means "group of nine". Nine has always been my favorite number, probably because I was born on the ninth. In math, nine is a really interesting number. Some examples: these rubber stamps cost $11 each and there are nine of them for a total of $99; (9+9=18) and (1+8=9); in the set there are 18 nude female figures, again (1+8=9), and they are layed out in three rows of three each (3X3=9). In my rubber stamp production, each wood block size has an item number which represents the dimensions of the block. The Nth Ennead are all mounted on block number 2232 (2+2+3+2=9). This number indicates a block that is two and a quarter inches by three and a quarter inches. I did not size the images to fit the block, it just worked out that way. And lastly, "Nth Ennead" contains 9 letters.

Each block is 2.25 inches by 3.25 inches.  Image size is 2 X 3 inches.