Ten-lined June Beetle

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This is not a fanciful design, it's very realistic. Ten-lined June Beetle is the first new design of 2012, and the first rubber stamp to be produced in my new studio. We see a lot of these bugs in our yard in the summer time, and the cats just love 'em. That's because, being so big and fat, they fly around slow and low to the ground - perfect swatting height. Plus they're very crunchy. If you disturb one by touching it or picking it up, listen for the hiss!

This is a fine art rubber stamp designed and made by Steven Vander Meer in Humboldt County, California. The die is deeply etched natural red vulcanized rubber, which is hand trimmed and adhered to red sponge cushion (the good kind, not the self-adhesive kind). The cushion is also trimmed by hand and then mounted to a smoothly sanded and oiled Maple block, with a clear black index printed on the top. The MEER IMAGE name is hot iron branded onto the end-grain of the block, and the SVM personal signature chop is added to the top of the block in red ink (space permitting).

Mount Type:Maple hardwood block indexed in black and finished with linseed oil. Block Width:2.75 inches Block Length:2.75 inches Block Thickness:3/4 inch Image Size:Approximately 1/4 inch less than block size